Our Story

Most people these days are seen facing breathing issues, which are normally caused by pollution. But recently, it has been revealed that Indoor Air Pollution is comparatively more dangerous and may affect health, comfort, and well-being of an individual. Our founder, out of curiosity, conducted a deep study on it and came to the conclusion that one of the most significant reasons of this indoor air pollution was the lack of ventilation complimented with the use of chemical- based incense, agarbatti, that is used in homes, and frequently, at that.

In a time like today, when people have become extra cautious or rather, rightly concerned, about their health, our founder thought to address this growing problem. Therefore, Jallan Group has emerged with authentic incense as a solution to increasing health issues caused by air pollution.

Our formulation is inspired by the ancient techniques and materials used to make incense, all natural, grown, or found in the wild.

Our Promise

At Jallan Group, we only believe in incorporating the best in our products. Our incense consists top-notch raw materials handpicked from their place of origination and essential oils. From Lavender of Kashmir to Boswellia of South Africa, everything is brought in, in its authenticity and assembled carefully by hand.

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Our Mission

Jallan Group aims to lead in serving 100% charcoal free incense. We want to reveal that the Charcoal used in modern incense releases poisonous sulphur dioxide and many other xylene chemicals that cause harm and we are here to amend that. The use of charcoal is done to ensure cost effectiveness. However, we value human health and want to replace charcoal-based incense with pure natural handmade incense that is safe and healthy to use for aromatherapies, meditation, stress relief, focus and spiritual use.