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Jallan Rose Incense Sticks| Made using Rose Petals| Handrolled| 30 Sticks

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355.00 MRP (Inclusive of Taxes)

Extended burning time: Indulge in the enchanting fragrance of Rose premium natural incense sticks, with a Burning Time of up to 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

Perfectly sized sticks: Each stick measures 30.48 cm, ensuring a longer-lasting and immersive aromatic experience.

Complete set for convenience: Enjoy the convenience of a Wooden Incense Holder Included with every pack, adding a touch of elegance to your incense rituals.

Emits Less Smoke | Charcoal Free | Handrolled | Long Lasting Fragrance.

100% Natural
30 Sticks

Rose premium natural incense sticks, carries the symbolism of beauty, passion, and romance. Jallan’s Rose Incense is a fragrant offering that has long been associated with love and offers various benefits:

Remedial aroma that activates the senses & transcends a person into a happier state with its vivid fresh and sweet fragrance. Using Rose Incense can uplift the mood and create a more joyful atmosphere.

Rose Incense has the remarkable ability to enhance memories. The unique aroma of the incense becomes associated with specific events in people’s lives, serving as a powerful trigger for recalling those cherished moments.

The scent of Rose Incense promotes a sense of safety and spiritual connection. Inhaling its fragrance can create a calming effect and foster a deeper sense of love, compassion, and devotion in life.

Moreover, Rose Incense intensifies the existing romance in one’s life. The fragrance stimulates the hypothalamus, a region of the brain associated with emotions and sexual arousal, leading to an increase in testosterone release and enhancing arousal.

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