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Jallan Tulsi Incense Sticks – 30 Sticks

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369.00 MRP (Inclusive of Taxes)

Enhanced burning time: Experience the divine aroma of Tulsi for an extended period with our Tulsi premium natural incense sticks, offering a Burning Time of up to 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

Lengthy and luxurious sticks: Each stick measures 30.48 cm, ensuring a rich and immersive Tulsi experience that fills your space with its captivating fragrance.

Complete set for convenience: Our Tulsi Incense Comes with a Wooden Incense Holder, adding a touch of elegance to your incense rituals and making it convenient to enjoy the soothing essence of Tulsi.

Emits Less Smoke | Charcoal Free | Handrolled | Long Lasting Fragrance.

100% Natural
30 Sticks

Tulsi for protecting your eyes: Tulsi, also known as holy basil, holds great importance in the Vedas and folk medicine, as it plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body. Jallan’s premium natural incense sticks made from Tulsi, infused with the essence of Tulsi, offers a wide range of benefits:

Tulsi for safeguarding your eyes: The comforting aroma of Jallan’s premium natural incense sticks made from Tulsi, provides instant relief for eye-related issues. It may helps soothe your eyes, cleanses them from within, and reduces strain caused by daily exposure to dust and pollution.

Tulsi for lasting beauty: The essential oils, vitamins C & A, and phytonutrients present in Jallan’s Tulsi Incense, made with finest tulsi leaves, act as excellent antioxidants, protecting your body from premature aging and maintaining a perpetually youthful appearance.

Quit smoking with Tulsi: Jallan’s Tulsi Incense, featuring premium natural incense sticks, can be a valuable aid in your journey to quit smoking. The natural properties of Tulsi help combat cancer and assist in purifying your blood by eliminating nicotine from your body.

These are just a few of the remarkable benefits of Tulsi. In reality, Tulsi offers a wide array of advantages that many people may not be aware of. By incorporating jallan’s premium natural incense sticks made from Tulsi,, into your environment, you can effortlessly experience the therapeutic properties of Tulsi and enjoy its numerous health and beauty benefits.

Immerse yourself in the goodness of Jallan’s Tulsi Incense, made with finest tulsi leaves, to purify your surroundings and indulge in the soothing essence of Tulsi for a refreshed and revitalized experience.

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